DeepMind AI One-Ups Mathematicians at a Calculation Crucial to Computing

Posted in Software on 27th Oct, 2022
by Alex Muller

"A boost in performance would improve a lot of applications."

DeepMind Gave An AI 'Intuition' By Training It Like A Baby

Posted in Science, Software on 28th Jul, 2022
by Alex Muller

The new study builds upon our early months in life as a rich resource for developing AI with common sense.

DeepMind's New AI With A Memory Outperforms Algorithms 25 Times Its Size

Posted in Software on 20th Dec, 2021
by Alex Muller

Perhaps the most important lesson from RETRO is that scaling models isn't the only, or even the fastest route to better performance.

DeepMind Is Developing One Algorithm To Rule Them All

Posted in Science, Software on 16th Oct, 2021
by Alex Muller

They are doing some transfer learning, chaining a couple of algorithms together and seeing if they can transfer between one algorithm, making it easier to learn a separate related algorithm.

Is DeepMind’s new reinforcement learning system a step toward general AI?

Posted in Software on 5th Aug, 2021
by Alex Muller

The paper proves that if you can create a complex enough environment, design the right reinforcement learning architecture, and expose your models to enough experience , you’ll be able to generalize to various kinds of tasks in the same environment.