Stanford Innovation Promises Real-Time Continuous Blood Monitoring

Posted in Hardware, Medicine, Reviews on 23rd Dec, 2020
by Alex Muller

This system could be used for much more than just monitoring blood glucose changes.

Blood Factors Halve the Epigenetic Age in Mice Cells

Posted in Medicine on 25th May, 2020
by Alex Muller

Researchers developed and validated six different epigenetic clocks for rat tissues that are based on DNA methylation.

Pre-Peer Review Analysis Indicates Blood Type A More Vulnerable to Covid-19

Posted in Medicine on 25th Mar, 2020
by Alex Muller

There is a pre-peer review study of about 2100 Coronavirus patients in China and almost 3000 healthy people.

Alzheimer's blood test may replace invasive spinal taps for diagnosis

Posted in Medicine on 3rd Mar, 2020
by Alex Muller

Many of the experimental blood tests under development focus on measuring amyloid levels, with one paper published last year describing a way of revealing misfolding amyloid proteins as a way of detecting Alzheimer's cases around eight years before clinical symptoms appeared.

"Liquid health check" offers blood test predicting future disease risk

Posted in Medicine, Science on 3rd Dec, 2019
by Alex Muller

A new proof-of-concept study is suggesting a novel blood test could effectively predict a person’s risk in developing a broad array of different diseases.