SpaceX Launching Small Satellites Starting for Just $1 Million

SpaceX has new rideshare satellite pricing starting at $1 million. This is a breakthrough in satellite launch pricing. A few years ago the cost was $20 million or more and even two years ago you might get rideshare for $5-10 million. They also offer certainty in the scheduling.

SpaceX is offering $1 million for payloads up to 200 kg (440 lbs) and additional weight adds $5,000 per kg to the cost. The volume offered is 15″ or 24″ adapter ring payloads.

There are affordable rates to mid-inclination LEO, GTO, and TLI. They will offer missions approximately every 4 months. There will be frequent launches to mid-inclination, inquire for other orbits. If your payload is delayed then you can apply 100% of monies paid toward cost of rebooking on a future mission, subject to a 10% rebooking fee.