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Tags results for 'stroke'

Gardening 'linked to longer lives'

Posted in Medicine on 30th Oct, 2013 04:12 AM
by PlanetTech
Pottering around the garden or fixing up the house has been linked to a longer life in a study of people over the age of 60.

Nanoparticle pinpoints blood-vessel plaques

Posted in Medicine on 8th Feb, 2014 12:46 AM
by AlexMuller
A step toward identifying plaques vulnerable to rupture that causes heart attack and stroke.

Strokes: Women sufferers 'have poorer life quality than men'

Posted in Medicine on 9th Feb, 2014 11:01 PM
by AlexMuller
The US research, published in Neurology, assessed the mental and physical health of 1,370 patients three months and a year after a stroke.

First stem cell trial for stroke shows lasting benefits

Posted in Science on 9th May, 2014 11:01 PM
by AlexMuller
People who received the world's first stem cell treatment for strokes have shown measurable reductions in disability and handicap a year after the injection into their damaged brains.

Blood pressure: 'Extraordinary' number of lives saved

Posted in Medicine on 31st May, 2014 11:21 PM
by AlexMuller
Improved treatment of blood pressure has prevented hundreds of thousands of heart attacks, strokes and deaths in England, say doctors.

Stem cell stroke therapy shows promise after first human trial

Posted in Medicine on 8th Aug, 2014 09:11 PM
by AlexMuller
London researchers have revealed that stroke patients in a pilot study all showed improvements after stem cell therapy.

Brain repair 'may be boosted by curry spice'

Posted in Science on 26th Sep, 2014 09:55 PM
by AlexMuller
A spice commonly found in curries may boost the brain's ability to heal itself, according to a report in the journal Stem Cell Research and Therapy.

Brain-computer interface enables stroke sufferer to communicate

Posted in Hardware on 11th Oct, 2014 02:07 AM
by AlexMuller
By enabling users to communicate and control devices with their thoughts, brain-computer interfaces (BCI) hold almost a scary amount of potential.

Google is developing cancer and heart attack detector

Posted in Medicine on 28th Oct, 2014 10:00 PM
by AlexMuller
Google is aiming to diagnose cancers, impending heart attacks or strokes and other diseases, at a much earlier stage than is currently possible.

Samsung engineers are working on wearable for early stroke detection

Posted in Medicine on 23rd Jan, 2015 03:44 PM
by AlexMuller
The sensor-packed headset aims to alert folks who are at risk for a stroke early on, so they can get to a doctor to prevent potentially serious and permanent effects.

Promising peptide for traumatic brain injury, heart attack and stroke

Posted in Medicine on 13th Feb, 2015 06:14 PM
by AlexMuller
Strokes, heart attacks, and traumatic brain injuries have a common end: cell death and human injury due to hypoxia, or lack of oxygen.

Nanoparticles could stop blood-clot-caused strokes and heart attacks

Posted in Medicine on 26th Feb, 2015 07:56 PM
by AlexMuller
This new technology could destroy blood clots 1000 times faster than a commonly used clot-busting technique.

Sleeping over eight hours a day associated with greater risk of stroke

Posted in Medicine on 26th Feb, 2015 08:05 PM
by AlexMuller
This risk doubles for older people who persistently sleep longer than average.

Stroke outcome can be improved with new clot-removal device

Posted in Medicine on 18th Apr, 2015 05:19 PM
by AlexMuller
'We will be able to treat many more patients, who will have much better outcomes. This is a once-in-a-generation advance in acute stroke care.'

There has been a rise in strokes among people of working age, warns charity

Posted in Medicine on 12th May, 2015 11:30 PM
by AlexMuller
Experts said unhealthy lifestyles were to blame, though the growing population and changes to hospital practice played a part.

Insomnia Can Weaken the Heart, Cause Stroke

Posted in Medicine on 14th May, 2015 08:04 PM
by AlexMuller
Insomniacs face a much higher risk of stroke than restful sleepers, according to a recent study.

Strokes steal 8 years worth of brain function, new study suggests

Posted in Medicine on 7th Jun, 2015 12:22 AM
by AlexMuller
Having a stroke ages a person’s brain function by almost eight years.

Ultrasound captures rat brain in microscopic 3D

Posted in Science on 27th Nov, 2015 02:25 AM
by AlexMuller
Scientists have developed an ultrasound technique that can rapidly build up a 3D view of a network of blood vessels, in microscopic detail.

Electrical brain stimulation could boost benefits of stroke rehabilitation

Posted in Medicine on 20th Mar, 2016 07:46 PM
by AlexMuller
Research indicates that transcranial direct current stimulation during therapy might help stroke patients recover more movement.

Stanford researchers 'stunned' by stem cell experiment that helped stroke patient walk

Posted in Medicine on 3rd Jun, 2016 10:06 PM
by AlexMuller
The results appear to contradict a core belief about brain damage, that it is permanent and irreversible.

Statin drugs reduce infection risk in stroke patients

Posted in Medicine on 20th Jun, 2016 01:00 PM
by AlexMuller
Statins reduced the risk of infection by 58 percent.

The Lancet: Stroke is largely preventable, with hypertension confirmed as biggest risk factor

Posted in Medicine on 16th Jul, 2016 05:53 PM
by AlexMuller
Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability, particularly in low-income and middle-income countries.

Why Our Brain Cells Die: A Breakthrough in Fighting Neurodegenerative Diseases

Posted in Science on 28th Nov, 2016 01:53 PM
by AlexMuller
A team of scientists has discovered a common mechanism chain leading to brain cell death.

A protein in spider venom may offer stroke therapy

Posted in Medicine on 21st Mar, 2017 05:46 PM
by Alex Muller
A protein in spider venom may help protect the brain from injury after a stroke, according to research.

Mind-Controlled Computer Retrains Stroke Victims' Brains to Help Them Move Again

Posted in Medicine on 27th May, 2017 11:24 AM
by Alex Muller
Paralysis on one side of the body is a common symptom of a stroke.

MRI scan that can predict stroke risk has 'promise to save lives'

Posted in Medicine on 26th Aug, 2017 04:02 PM
by Alex Muller
Scientists at Oxford University develop non-invasive technique to measure amount of cholesterol in carotid plaques.

Benefits of clot removal for strokes extended to 24 hours

Posted in Medicine on 28th Jan, 2018 03:15 AM
by Alex Muller
In many cases, surgeons can save brain tissue that’s on the brink of death by removing clots in the brain.

Chance discovery reveals eyes could shine light on stroke severity

Posted in Medicine on 11th Feb, 2018 05:55 AM
by Alex Muller
Researchers have discovered gadolinium, a chemical regularly given to patients for MRI scans, is accumulating in the eyes and may provide increase understanding of strokes.

Stretchable-Wearable sensors will be game changer for stroke rehabilitation

Posted in Medicine on 1st Mar, 2018 02:30 AM
by Alex Muller
The sensors provide detailed health metrics including heart function, muscle activity and quality of sleep.

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