When will Google Fiber take over the world?

As someone who pays Time Warner Cable more than $50 each month for Internet service that promises 30Mbps down and just 5Mbps up, I would welcome Google Fiber’s $70 gigabit Internet service with open arms. Forgetting for a moment that TWC doesn’t even provide me with service that reaches the speeds it promises, I’m just tired of paying the company so much and getting so little in return. But in a world where cable companies are allowed to build mini-monopolies in cities and towns across America, I have no choice — I can either keep paying for bad service from Time Warner, or I can pay almost as much for even worse service from a DSL provider.
This is why Google Fiber is so exciting.
People have grown to loathe their cable companies. And rightfully so. Common threads among top cable companies include overpriced service plans, excessive fees and customer service that is unfathomably awful. While Google is hardly a company known for its customer service, Google Fiber has been praised repeatedly by the few lucky souls who have access to it in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS.
Big ISPs like Time Warner Cable and others are starting to respond to Google Fiber, as they must. Even if they eventually build out services that match Google’s speed and pricing, however, the damage has been done and subscribers won’t quickly forget the years of terrible, overpriced service they have endured.
It’s time for a fresh face.