We like Google more than Apple, and Apple more than Facebook

In the court of public opinion, Google is the star quarterback with the big pickup truck and all the friends, and Apple is the top running back. And Facebook? Well, Facebook might be the captain of the debate team.

At least according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, which says that Google has an 82 percent favorable rating among American adults, while Apple has a 72 percent positive rating and Facebook is stuck at only 60 percent. The poll asked a random sample of 1,007 Americans who they like and trust most, and  it’s considered accurate to within 3.5 percent.
Google provides everyday utility to almost everyone, helping us find what we’re looking for. Oddly, Facebook does as well — connecting us to those we love — but the social network always seems to be in trouble on privacy issues. Interestingly, Google is just as much a target of privacy advocacy groups, and it probably has more data on us than Facebook does, but it seems to get a pass from consumers.