US makes climate pledge to UN

The US has pledged to tackle climate change by cutting its carbon emissions 26-28% by 2025. It made the offer to the UN as a step towards a global deal in Paris in December. The EU has promised to cut its emissions by a roughly similar proportion. Tuesday was the deadline for wealthy nations to make their offers, but some, such as Canada, have failed to submit in time.
The announcement was made on Twitter with the words: "America is taking steps to #ActOnClimate, and the world is joining us" – accompanied by a picture of the President in China. The US announcement said: "The target is fair and ambitious. The United States has already undertaken substantial policy action to reduce its emissions. Additional action to achieve the 2025 target represents a substantial acceleration of the current pace of greenhouse gas emission reductions.
"Achieving the 2025 target will require a further emission reduction of 9-11% beyond our 2020 target compared to the 2005 baseline and a substantial acceleration of the 2005-2020 annual pace of reduction, to 2.3-2.8 percent per year, or an approximate doubling." Analysts examining the promises made by the first few nations to commit say they are not strong enough to hold global temperature rise to the internationally agreed maximum of 2C.
The early deadline was set for rich nation submissions because the UN is desperate for the Paris meeting to avoid a repeat of the shambolic gathering in Copenhagen in 2009 that failed in its aim of protecting the climate. Todd Stern, the US chief climate negotiator, previously told BBC News that America’s contribution would be “quite ambitious”. But he warned that the Paris process would not itself solve the climate problem. That, he argued, would need ongoing effort over decades.