Twitter prepping for IPO, hiring multiple people for going public

Twitter has been upping its ad game for the last year in preparation for an IPO that, Silicon Valley buzz says, will likely happen late in 2013 or early in 2014.
 Now the newsy social network is hiring a financial manager for “when we are ready to go public,” and other positions prepping the company for all the regulatory hassle that going public causes.

The job opening that USA Today spotted is no longer visible on LinkedIn, but had a title of “financial reporting manager.” Included in the job description was something that the company would need before it files to go public:

“Responsible for preparation of monthly reporting materials, quarterly/annual financial statements and Form S-1 when we are ready to go public.”

While that listing can’t be found anymore either on LinkedIn or on Twitter’s own job site, there are several other open positions that are also related to the company going public.
One is a Senior Manager, Accounting Operations job that is still live on LinkedIn. Included in the minimum qualifications for the position is “familiarity with public company reporting.”