The taxi industry heard Googles and Ubers driverless car plans. Theyre not happy

Google unveils a driverless car. Then, Uber chief Travis Kalanick says driverless cars are the future and drivers aren’t. How do you think leaders of the taxi industry feel about this? “So much for being an Uber ‘partner,’” said Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association CEO Alfred LaGasse.
“Kalanick’s comment displays the same lack of consideration for people that Uber has shown when it comes to public safety in its transportation business.” The TLPA represents 1,100 taxicab and limousine companies globally. Kalanick says Uber has a “very good relationship with Google.” Google recently added Uber as a transportation option in Google Maps. While the giant tech company buried the partnership within a larger app update, Uber marketing manager Michael J Fine called the partnership “huge.”
Dave Sutton, a spokesperson for the TLPA’s “Who’s Driving You?” marketing campaign, questioned Google’s partnership [emphasis ours]: Google says it may partner with Uber on this, and goodness knows Uber has set one of the worst examples when it comes to public safety and accountability. An essential part of Google’s development should involve adhering to safety standards in the public transportation space.”