The next time you see your eye doctor, you could walk out with Google Glass

Is your Google Glass not fitting well over your regular glasses? The digital eye wear may one day come with prescription lenses.
Google is working with a major vision benefits and frames-creator VSP Global to figure out how Glass can become a truly mainstream device, according to the Wall Street Journal. VSP’s chief executive Rob Lynch confirmed to the Journal that the company will help Google get Glass inside optometrist offices and actually train those eye doctors to fit people for Google Glass frames.
That means instead of your hot Warby Parkers, you could saunter into your local vision specialist and stick those presciptions straight into device.
Google Glass is a piece of digital equipment you wear on your face like, well, glasses. It projects a small screen in the upper right-hand corner of your field of vision and will eventually support a number of apps, similar to your smartphone, to keep you informed and entertained throughout the day. However, at this point, people aren’t thrilled with the way it looks and especially find the device clunky when paired with existing eye wear.