The core of the Apple problem is Tim Cook, Scoble says

That mobile industry is currently undergoing massive change.

From slow and ugly beginnings six years ago, Android has risen to be surpass Apple’s iPhone and capture 80 percent global market share. Phones have long been won by Android, but Apple’s iPad was recently still the king of the tablets, until iPad’s market share was chopped in half. And while critics argue that the high end of the market — and the only end that matters — is still Apple’s, others are saying that this is just Macs vs PCs all over again.

All of which has led to Apple’s board finally waking up and telling Tim Cook to speed up.
From first in line for the Apple iPhone to currently using an Moto X and Samsung Android-based smartphones, Scoble has come full circle. I met him at Grow Conference in Vancouver last week and talked to him about tech, Apple, Google, iPhone, Android, and everything in between.
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