Weight loss surgery 'cures half of type-2 diabetes cases'

Posted in Medicine on 5th Sep, 2015
by Alex Muller

Weight loss surgery cures half of patients with type-2 diabetes, for at least five years, a study suggests.

Junk Food Diet Keeps Rats from Seeking Out New Foods

Posted in Science on 30th Aug, 2014
by Alex Muller

Junk food may trap people in a cycle of unhealthy eating by making them less likely to try new foods and more likely to respond to cues for junk food in the future.

This Is What Weight Loss Does To Your Brain

Posted in Medicine on 30th Aug, 2014
by Alex Muller

New research shows weight loss surgery can reverse the negative effects body fat may have on the brain.

A laser to measure blood sugar levels without drawing blood

Posted in Hardware on 23rd Aug, 2014
by Alex Muller

Making the technique portable could allow diabetics to check their blood sugar levels without pricking themselves to draw blood.

Being overweight or obese 'linked to 10 common cancers'

Posted in Medicine on 15th Aug, 2014
by Alex Muller

The study of five million people is the largest to date to confirm the link.