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High-Temperature Superconductor Cable Will Speed Up Development of Nuclear Fusion

Posted in Hardware, Science on 17th Oct, 2020
by Alex Muller

A variant of VIPER will be used in an ARPA-E funded program to make a fast-ramping, high-field central solenoid magnet capable of initiating and sustaining plasma current in a tokamak device on its own. This magnet will lower the cost and complexity of commercial fusion power plants.

NuScale Has Design Certified and Hopes to Build 80GW of Nuclear by 2042

Posted in Business, Hardware, Science on 12th Sep, 2020
by Alex Muller

The NuScale small modular reactor (SMR) design is a fully factory-fabricated NuScale Power Module capable of generating 60 MW of electricity.

GE Hitachi Starts Licensing Small Modular Nuclear Reactor

Posted in Business, Science on 3rd Feb, 2020
by Alex Muller

They say it will be price competitive with natural gas. Small Reactor projects will be $1-2 billion instead of $10+ billion for large reactors.

Carbon neutrality has failed

Posted in Featured, Science on 2nd Jul, 2014
by Alex Muller

Now our only way out of global warming is to go carbon negative:

Nuclear reactors offshore: a good way to use nuclear power?

Posted in Science on 28th Apr, 2014
by Alex Muller

There are many things people do not want to be built in their backyard, and nuclear power stations are high on the list.