NASA releases Martian water map for future astronauts

Posted in Science on 13th Dec, 2019
by Alex Muller

The single most valuable resource for manned deep space missions is water. The most obvious reason is that it's literally vital for keeping astronauts alive by providing drinking water and oxygen, but it's also important because water can be converted into rocket fuel.

Dust towers may have helped dry out ancient Mars

Posted in Science on 28th Nov, 2019
by Alex Muller

One of the most dramatic of Martian phenomena is the tendency to roughly once a decade be suddenly subject to gigantic dust storms that completely engulf the planet, blotting out the Sun.

NASA Just Invented a Paint That Blocks Moon Dust From Sticking to Everything

Posted in Science on 24th Nov, 2019
by Alex Muller

Moon dust is a major problem for astronauts, but a simple coating could ward off damage.

NASA Overpaid Boeing Again and Did Not Let SpaceX Offer a Lower Cost Solution

Posted in Business on 15th Nov, 2019
by Alex Muller

Boeing and SpaceX each face significant safety and technical challenges with parachutes, propulsion, and launch abort systems that need to be resolved prior to receiving NASA authorization to transport crew to the ISS.

NASA pops open its first untouched Moon sample in more than 40 years

Posted in Science on 8th Nov, 2019
by Alex Muller

It is hoped that the study of these pristine samples can enlighten our understanding of the Moon and its resources, which will be a key plank of the Artemis missions slated for touchdown from 2024.