Chinese Scientists Will Use CRISPR Gene Editing on Humans for the First Time

Posted in Medicine on 24th Jul, 2016
by Alex Muller

The trial could pave the way for more CRISPR-based treatments in the future, potentially revolutionizing the way we treat diseases.

New cancer gene-drug combinations ripe for precision medicine

Posted in Science on 23rd Jul, 2016
by Alex Muller

Such combinations are expected to kill cancer cells, which have mutations, but not healthy cells, which do not.

Powerful New Gene-Editing Tool May Finally Be Used on Humans

Posted in Science on 18th Jun, 2016
by Alex Muller

Using CRISPR, researchers would genetically modify the T cells so that when theyre put back into the patient, they go after myeloma, melanoma, and sarcoma tumour cells.

This year, we'll sequence DNA in space for the first time

Posted in Science on 3rd Jun, 2016
by Alex Muller

Kate Rubins, a virologist turned astronaut, heads to the ISS this month to monitor more than 250 experiments, including genetic sequencing.

Gene helps prevent heart attack, stroke; may also block some effects of aging

Posted in Science on 23rd May, 2016
by Alex Muller

'Finding a way to reactivate this pathway may have profound implications for health and aging.'