Cryptocurrencies Are Back

Posted in Business, Online on 24th Jun, 2019
by Alex Muller

Bitcoin is trading around $11,000 and other major cryptocurrencies like ethereum are also up.

Overall ICOs raising more money in 2018 but the failure and scam rate is high

Posted in Online on 8th Apr, 2018
by Alex Muller

The ICO market has not collapsed. There is still more money being raised by ICOs in 2018.

How to spot a cryptocurrency scam

Posted in Business on 14th Mar, 2018
by Alex Muller

In the digital age, its becoming more common to see a company launch an 'initial coin offering' (ICO) as a means to raise investment.

Why Ethereum weathered the cryptocurrency downturn better than Bitcoin

Posted in Business on 26th Feb, 2018
by Alex Muller

If 2017 was a dream for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, 2018 has been a swift return to reality.

Canada gov to use of Ethereum to enhance transparency

Posted in Software on 22nd Jan, 2018
by Alex Muller

The Canadian government has launched a trial to explore the use of blockchain technology in making government research grant and funding info more transparent.