Amazon's $2.5M 'Alexa Prize' seeks chatbot that can converse intelligently for 20 minutes

Posted in Software on 30th Sep, 2016
by Alex Muller

The Alexa Prize will encourage researchers to come up with great ideas for real-world conversational AI.

Xprize with $7M in prizes to map the ocean floor with robots

Posted in Featured, Hardware on 16th Dec, 2015
by Alex Muller

"Ninety-five percent of the deep sea remains a mystery to us; We have better maps of the surface of Mars than we do of our own seafloor."

Google investigation dropped by US regulators

Posted in Business on 22nd Mar, 2015
by Alex Muller

Google narrowly escaped being prosecuted by the US government over its dominance of the internet search industry.

Google vs Apple Rivalry is at its Most "Brutal" in Years, Says Eric Schmidt

Posted in Business on 25th Sep, 2014
by Alex Muller

Schmidt has seen life on both sides of the fence at the two companies.

What's your vision for the year 2030?

Posted in Software on 18th Mar, 2014
by Alex Muller

PlanetTechNews is supporting a new competition for the best idea on Ideapod related to the vision you have for the future.