Years of Zero Interest Rates and Implications for Stock Prices

Posted in Business on 6th Sep, 2020
by Alex Muller

There is and has been an inverse relationship between the stock market’s valuation multiples and interest rates. Ten-year treasury rates have fallen to 0.72%.

Technology Monopolies Keep Growing and Winning

Posted in Business on 1st Sep, 2020
by Alex Muller

The best investment returns came from the FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google). It was not the SP500.

Is Digital Learning Still Second Best?

Posted in Business, Online, Reviews on 22nd Jul, 2020
by Alex Muller

Benefits of digital learning include the near-instantaneous download of course materials-rather than printing and shipping books-and being able to more easily report grades and other results.

4 sectors where we’ll see the first post-pandemic stars emerge

Posted in Business on 25th May, 2020
by Alex Muller

Seismic economic shifts, such as the one COVID-19 has sparked, always give way to new markets and opportunities.

Over 10 Million US Jobless Claims over Two Weeks

Posted in Business on 5th Apr, 2020
by Alex Muller

Worse is still to come.