The U.S. will be hit worse by job automation than other major economies

Posted in Business on 26th Mar, 2017
by Alex Muller

A new study from PwC estimates that 38 percent of U.S. jobs could be lost to automation in the next 15 years.

Automation Could Cause America to Lose 35% of its Tax Base in the Next 20 Years

Posted in Business on 6th Mar, 2017
by Alex Muller

The US is in danger of losing more than one-third of its tax base due to increasing automation in both manufacturing and service sectors.

Age of automation: what if more work is the problem, not the solution?

Posted in Business on 10th Jan, 2017
by Alex Muller

The Green Institute argues that shorter hours and a universal basic income would be better than more jobs.

iPhone manufacturer Foxconn plans to replace almost every human worker with robots

Posted in Hardware on 2nd Jan, 2017
by Alex Muller

China's iPhone factories are being automated

Shift to automation may prevent Trump from delivering on his jobs promise

Posted in Business on 10th Nov, 2016
by Alex Muller

Trump's victory was enabled by technology, everything from his use of social media to Clinton's email scandals to Russian hacking.