China passed 250M 4G users in July, more than double the subscribers in the U.S.

Posted in Hardware on 25th Aug, 2015
by Alex Muller

If you throw 3G users into the mix, that number shoots up to a whopping 695 million users, with Chinas total mobile user base now at 1.29 billion.

South Korea's 5G speeds will let you download movies in one second

Posted in Online on 26th Jan, 2014
by Alex Muller

By 2020, South Korea plans to have 5G connections in place with speeds 1,000 times faster than existing 4G speeds.

Shares in Apple rise after iPhone deal with China Mobile

Posted in Hardware on 24th Dec, 2013
by Alex Muller

Apple has been looking to boost its sales in China, the world's largest smartphone market, but has struggled amid growing competition from rivals.

Huawei pours $600m into 5G research

Posted in Online on 7th Nov, 2013
by Alex Muller

With 4G only now starting to become commonplace, Huawei already has its eye on what comes next.