Stained Glass Labs launches the app directory for Google Glass

Google Glass is still in its developer testing phase, but one of the first app directory for Google’s digital eyewear has already popped up — and it’s not from Google.
It’s from the new incubator Stained Glass Labs, which launched only last month to help nurture companies focused on wearable technologies such as Google Glass.The directory is currently live on the incubator’s website, so anyone with Google Glass can access it through their device and install apps. The apps currently listed include official apps from the New York Times, Twitter, Facebook, and Path as well as apps made by individuals tinkering around with the dev kit, such as the Reddit app. claims, however, that it is the first app directory.

“We received over 100 applications of Glass and wearable tech, and what we really noticed was people were most concerned about a couple different things: Where do I find my glass apps and how do I promote them?” said Stained Glass Labs founder Redg Snodgrass in an interview with VentureBeat. “Our overall vision is to give the tools for these guys to be successful.”

The Stained Glass program is in its very early stages, still bringing on its first class of Glass developers. Resources, however, include access to Exitround, which helps market startups in its portfolio to companies who might be interested in making an acquisition as well as providing engineering help.
The directory will serve as a resource for the Google Glass developer community — not just those who are in the Stained Glass Labs program. Developers submit their apps to the directory along with a screenshot, company information, and a press release. Stained Glass Labs will then share that press release with its network of press, VCs, and potential partners.

Snodgrass is shying away from calling the directory a marketplace, however, because these apps at this point are actually just hacks directly embedded into the Explorer program for Google Glass.