SpaceX phase shifting array for receiving internet from satellites

SpaceX has a 2016 patent for a distributed Phase shifter array system for its internet satellites. SpaceX is developing lighter and cheaper phased array antennas to receive internet from low-earth orbit satellites. Low-Earth Orbit satellites will be will need to have fast tracking from receivers as they move quickly across the sky.
Receiving the internet with an affordable system is critical for the success of the low-earth orbiting satellites. Phased arrays are needed because mechanical systems would not be able to track the dozens of satellites that would needed to be tracked at any one spot. It would be like repointing at different cars passing on a highway.
Phased arrays are not mechanical so they would not need to physically move. The phased array receivers work but they are currently much to expensive. The costs are $20,000 to 40,000 now. The receiving systems need to get to below $1000 for a truly widespread rollout of low-earth orbiting internet satellites.