South Korea Funds Graphene Commercialization

Korean government has approved a plan for commercializing graphene technologies, including;

1) graphene-based touch panels
2) organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)
3) electro-chromic smart windows
4) secondary batteries for electronic vehicles
5) high-voltage high-power supercapacitors
6) ultra-light and strong composites
7) high-performance gas barrier films,
8) electro-magnetic interference shielding, and
9) environmentally friendly anti-oxidation steel plates.
These items have been carefully selected considering economic efficiency and
technological feasibility. In addition, Korea is also planning a “Korean Graphene
Hub” project that is focusing on the fundamental sciences of graphene and
related 2D materials, separately.

$200 million budget for 6 years. (Part private and part government money)

Europe is currently in a pilot project for graphene which could become a 1 billion euro over ten year flagship project.