Soon, your body will be the only password you need

Tiny little computers and sensors are in development all across the globe. And while their development is primarily geared toward a better understanding of our health, there’s another emerging application for their use — biometric security, where your voice and skin and eyeballs are more secure than any password could ever be.
On the one hand, this can sound crazy and too fictitious to be true, especially since it’s been a staple for just about every single sci-fi movie and TV show ever. On the other, we’ve basically already accepted the use of our bodies as sources of information and security. A company called Eyelock is working on just the technology we’ve gotten used to seeing in film. They’ve even got a handful of products — specs, prices and all — ready to go into production.
Soon enough, your eyes won’t be your only means of bodily verification. Ingestible pills which communicate with your smartphone, reporting on your daily health, are already a reality. Companies like Proteus Digital Health would only have to fine tune the devices to display a certain bit of your internal health when prompted, and presto: you’ve got a very unique bodily-generated password.
The only question is how long these technologies will take to be adopted. There’s research to be done, but the real hurdle will be one of acceptance. So what say you? Would you be comfortable with tiny computers scanning your body instead of memorizing a hodge-podge of characters?