Simulated One Gravity Living on the Moon and Mars With a Supertrain

The moon has one-sixth the Earth’s gravity and Mars gravity is 38%. There will be negative health impacts for people to live for extended periods at lower gravity. In space stations, we can spin the station to get the desired gravity. Dr. Joseph Parker presents a gravity solution for living on the moon or Mars.
We need to have people live in one gravity pods on a circular hyperloop like track. A one-kilometer radius track going at 360 kilometers per hour provides on one G. The actual moon or Mars tracks would have pods or trains going a bit slower and on an angle to get the right gravity. It is a 70-degree angle on Mars.
People and their children would live on these large trains. A smaller train will dock with the habitation train and they will load supplies. People will go onto the docking train to go to work in the lower gravity and then return to one G living and sleeping.
This train solution aligns with Elon Musk’s development of the Boring company and Hyperloop.