Samsung to pay Apple $290m (80m) for copying phones

A Silicon Valley jury has ruled that Samsung must pay $290m (£180m) to Apple for copying iPhone and iPad features in its devices. This verdict comes after a previous jury found Samsung owed Apple $1.05bn for copyright infringement.
However, US District Judge Lucy Koh ordered a retrial because she said that jury miscalculated the amount Samsung must pay. Samsung is expected to appeal.
Apple said in a statement: "We are grateful to the jury for showing Samsung that copying has a cost."
The jury’s ruling covers 13 of the 26 Samsung devices that Apple had argued copied its technology. These are mostly older Samsung tablets and smartphones. The $290m figure comes on top of the $550m Samsung owes Apple as a result of the initial verdict. In total, Apple has now been awarded close to $930m in the case.
Apple shares traded slightly higher on the news. Samsung closed down slightly earlier in the day.