Samsung is cooking up a tablet you control with your thoughts

With vocal interface tackled, it was only a matter of time before major technology companies began to look for another new way for us to take control of their devices.
And so they have. A team of Samsung researchers, in tandem with assistant professor Roozbeh Jafari of the University of Texas, Dallas have begun development of an EEG-controlled tablet.
While EEG-monitoring electrodes have previously been used to help enable individuals with mobility issues to interact with electronics, Samsung is aiming to offer this sort of functionality to anyone who wants it.
We should emphasize that there are, as of yet, no plans to begin marketing these EEG skullcaps and that Samsung’s research is still in an embryonic stage. So far tests have been conducted on how well people can turn their tablets on and off, launch applications and navigate to specific songs in a music app.
There’s also the hurdle of having to wear a specially designed bit of headgear so as to use your tablet, phone or what-have-you with "ease." Still, there’s a lot of ground yet to be covered as far as Samsung’s research is concerned. Who’s to say that they won’t have solved that sort of problem before the tech reaches the market. Here at DVICE, the concept of controlling computers with our minds is something we’ve been dreaming about for quite a while. So here’s to those folks over at Samsung who are working toward making that dream a reality.