Riding the Wave of Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Code CEO, Leslie Spring, is seeing his world explode, in a good way. Since the emergence of Siri, the world has awoken to the realities of how artificial intelligence will take on a major role in the way we search and organize our lives. Spring, who’s been building his company to provide the tools for an AI-powered space, is now seeing his work in voice/data recognition and computation taken seriously—very seriously.

Meet SILVIA, or rather Symbolically Isolated Linguistically Variable Intelligence Algorithms, Cognitive Code’s flagship product. According to the company, SILVIA can interpret speech, text or other input, interact with appropriate applications or operating systems, all the while interacting with the user. What sets SILVIA apart from other AI, speech recognition or other products that she competes with is that the product is not necessarily server-based, operating from the cloud, as an app (yes, running natively on mobile devices too), as part of a network or, if you really want, from a server.
Additionally, the product was made for developers and is not language specific. This is not speech recognition technology, rather uses 3rd party speech recognition solutions (like Nuance, Google Voice) and takes the human language input, converts it into a mathematical algorithm, and decides what needs to be executed, while formulating a response to the user, Spring explained.
“One of the things that seem to be missing from the solutions that are out there is conversation,” said Spring. Right now computers resemble those on Star Trek, taking in user information and spitting out a response or function. Computers of the future would be more interactive and pro-active, like Jarvis, from the popular Iron Man films, Spring said.