Rib used to create Bonebridge ear for Edinburgh deaf man

A piece of rib and a bone conduction implant have been used in a pioneering operation to treat an Edinburgh man’s hereditary deafness. Brian Hogg, 29, was fitted with an implant called a Bonebridge and given the new ear by NHS Lothian surgeons.
Mr Hogg is the first person in the UK to have the procedure. NHS Lothian said the specialist implant operation was carried out in December 2012 at the Lauriston Building in Edinburgh.
The Bonebridge device is fitted in the ear and is used when a patient is unable to have a conventional external hearing aid fitted.
Alex Bennett, an NHS Lothian ear, nose and throat consultant performed the procedure.
Mr Bennett said: "This is a truly innovative procedure and I’m sure the device will make a significant difference to Brian and many other patients like him.
"The Bonebridge implant is intended to improve hearing by replicating the actions of the ear drum.