Oculus Rift creators launch virtual reality gaming marketplace

Aside from the announcements surrounding the new Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the most exciting new piece of hardware to capture the gaming community’s attention in recent months has been the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Now the company has decided to jumpstart activity around the device by launching a gaming marketplace called Oculus Share.
The online gaming market will allow users of the Oculus Rift to download a number of new virtual reality-specific games as well as view detailed information regarding a game’s storyline and check out screenshots and trailers for each game. In addition to end-users, the marketplace is also geared to allow developers to easily publish their own virtual reality gaming titles, each of which will be carefully vetted by the Oculus Share team.
In an announcement on the company’s website, Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey said, "with Share, you can host Oculus-ready games and experiences that you’ve created, browse and download content from other developers, rate experiences on quality and VR comfort level, provide feedback to devs on what you enjoyed (and what you didn’t), and tip fellow developers for their work in cash, should you feel so inclined."
The $300 device has already received rave reviews from a number of testers, so the only hurdle now is to get more content prepared for the device, which is where Oculus Share comes in. You can check out two game trailers from website that offer a view of what the game play is like using the Oculus Rift.