New Ways To Read The Brain

Openwater uses an approach that enables us to leapfrog MRI technology by using the scattering of the body or the brain to focus infrared light to scan the brain or body bit by bit or voxel by voxel. This is enabled by LCDs with pixels small enough to create reconstructive holographic images that neutralize the scattering and enable scanning at MRI resolution.
These LCDs and detectors line the inside of a ski-hat, bandage or other clothing. Openwater are making our own LCDs to do this in the vast factories that make liquid crystal displays – custom designed to modulate the interference of intensity and phase in the near infrared regime with the video-rate computer generated holograms integrated with embedded detectors.
Openwater technology can scan out the brain or body systematically or selectively. This basic system can be used in reverse, to write, to focus light to any area of interest in the body or brain (to irradiate tumors for example).
This technology enables continuous scanning of the body and brain in the form of a true Openwaterarable the size of a ski-hat or bandage. The implications of this architecture are profound for healthcare and can even enable communication with thought alone (as has been Openwaterll documented by neuroscientists using the room size MRI scanners). With read/write ability – Openwater may be able to upload/download and augment our memories, thoughts and emotions with a ski-hat form factor, non-invasively.
Openwater will release a very limited number of prototypes next year to early access partners.