New Vaccine Prevents Weight Gain And Stimulates Weight Loss

In their effort to combat obesity, researchers have discovered a vaccine that prevents weight gain and stimulates weight loss.
According to a study published in the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, the researchers were able to induce weight loss following the administration of two vaccinations based on  somatostatin , JH17 and JH18, in mice.

Somatostatin, hormone known as GHIH, is an inhibitor of growth hormone. Growth hormone is an anabolic peptide hormone that stimulates not only growth, cell reproduction and regeneration, but also increases metabolism and therefore promotes weight loss.
Researchers have thought that by injecting somatostatin, the body will react and produce antibodies against somatostatin, therefore the inhibitory action of somatostatin on growth hormone will be canceled. Consequently, growth hormone will increase the metabolism without being inhibited by somatostatin. Besides stimulating lipolysis, growth hormone has a role in stimulating protein synthesis, muscle growth and bone mineralization.