Never a better time to buy: SSD prices in consistent decline

This is, of course, great news for manufacturers and enthusiasts alike. It has never been in doubt that SSD’s outperform their mechanically spinning counterparts. However, the price-to-performance ratio has put solid state drives out of the reach of many. That trend looks to be ending.
A year’s worth of data crunched by Tech Report’s Geoff Gasior shows that intense competition in the SSD market between Intel, Samsung, Corsair and OCZ has driven prices down by quite a bit. The report shows an average price drop across the four manufacturers of 46% from launch price over the time frame of about a year. That sort of discounting is unprecedented in the SSD market. That data places no less than eight drives on the market today with a dollar-to-gigabyte ratio of less than one — a threshold that many of us have been waiting to see broken.