NASA Says Falcon Heavy+Orion Best Option For Humans on the Moon by 2024

NASA concluded that a mission profile in which Falcon Heavy places Orion, a service module,and an ICPS upper stage in orbit in a single launch may be the only option for a near-term commercial alternative for Orion’s first operational test flight.

NASA Administrator Bridenstein said

“It would require time, it would require cost, and there is risk involved, but guess what? If we’re gonna land boots on the Moon in 2024, we have time, and we have the ability to accept some risk and make some modifications. All of that is on the table. There is nothing sacred here that is off the table, and [FH+ICPS+Orion/ESM] is a potential capability that could help us land on the Moon in 2024.”

 The Orion spacecraft, its ESM, and a fueled ICPS boost stage would weigh 56,000 kg (~123,000 lb) at launch. An expendable Falcon Heavy can place 64,000 kg (140,000 lb) into Low Earth Orbit (LEO).