Mountain Lion causing crazy battery drain for some Mac owners

Users reporting the abnormally fast battery power drain started cropping up on Apple’s support forum soon after the new OS was made available on July 25. Forum users have said their machine’s battery life is about half as much as it was prior to installing Mountain Lion, which was evident when monitoring the battery life utility.
Apple, however, has just recently started contacting users to investigate the issue, reports Ars Technica. Apple support reps are asking users to log their machine for data and system information that could identify what the problem is. Right now there are only theories for the battery power drain problems, and Apple has yet to release a time frame for when it could be fixed.
I did some testing with my Macbook Pro and did notice that the battery drained faster than usual. Others on the VentureBeat staff haven’t noticed much of a change.
Is your Macbook Pro or Air experiencing rapid battery drain? Let us know in the comments.