Meet the Incredible Looking Face of Next Generation Gaming

Epic’s been at E3 showing off its latest and greatest Unreal Engine 4. If this generation of games are anything to go by, we should see a tonne of games using UE4, and they’ll look awesome doing it too.
The whole thing looks like a pre-rendered scene, but Epic was showing off actual in-game engine graphics here, so this is the kind of glorious detail you can expect from the next generation of games. Apparently there are already a couple of UE4 games in development too, plus this whole shebang was running on a “personal computer” with just one graphics card. That alone should give us cheapskate PC gamers hope  that we won’t have to kit our rigs out £100s of new gear, just to play UE4 games.
If that wasn’t enough for you, check out the second walk-through video below showing you the ins and outs of the engine, and Kotaku’s high-resolution Unreal Engine 4 screenshot gallery.