Lucid dreaming made easier with the Aurora EEG headband

Lucid dreaming is believed by many to aid in practicing skills, improving creativity, or just exploring adventurous new worlds, but requires practice and awareness to master. Aurora is an EEG-based headband aiming to enhance dreams and lower the barrier to lucid dreaming.
With apps for multiple platforms, a host of features, and an open API for third party applications, iWinks’ aim is to help the uninitiated take control of their dreams.
The system is two-part: a headband that circles around your forehead and an app which can connect to the Aurora via Bluetooth LE. The band is equipped with electrodes to measure brainwaves, an accelerometer, heart rate monitor, sleep staging software, and LEDs (more on that later).
With the EEG signal software fully encased in the headband (rather than contained in the app), a user can choose not to use the Bluetooth connection at all and still make use of receiving visual cues while dreaming. Additionally, the headband is not physically attached to anything and can last weeks on a single charge.
When the the algorithms processing your EEG data recognize that you’ve entered REM sleep, several things can happen to help you take the step into lucid dreaming.
The headband is fitted with LEDs that can be programmed to send different types and colors of signals, depending on the mood you’d like to create in front of your (closed) eyes. In addition, you can choose to use sounds to set a mood for your dreams, which are played through the phone app.