Laser Smartphone Add On Accurately Measures Everything In a Photo

Since it relies on a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, instead of interfacing with ports or any of that nonsense, the Spike will play happily with iOS and Android hardware, as long as they include GPS capabilities.
The device itself features a laser, a 3D compass, and its own rechargeable battery, using all of this to create a fairly accurate guesstimate of the size of objects or structures anywhere from six to 600 feet away.
There is a trade-off, of course. By “fairly accurate guesstimate” we mean the Spike is accurate to plus or minus eight inches, and we assume the closer an object is, the better chance it will have of gauging its size. That being said, it still seems like a wonderful contraption, especially since the dimensions for given objects in a scene are automatically overlaid on the photo you snap. You can even export the measurements and automatically create a 3D model in SketchUp.