Japan’s ambitious plan to put a sports drink on the Moon by 2015

Many of us have dreamed of walking on the Moon, but one Japanese company seems to have had a sort of different goal in mind: advertising. The Lunar Dream Capsule Project is beverage company Otsuka’s idea of a philanthropic venture, though what it boils down to is the hurling of an aluminum can onto the lunar surface.
The can will be filled with a powdered version of Otsuka’s Pocari Sweat sports. While we admit that any drink whose name ends in "sweat" definitely sounds delicious, Otsuka’s plan to have someone eventually drink the sports drink in powdered form while on a visit to the Moon’s surface could be a bit of a moonshot (you’re welcome).
The aluminum can will arrive on the Moon next year, propelled there by the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. There it will rest until someday, some Japanese astronaut cracks it open and "drinks" the powder inside.