Google’s self-driving cars have been in 11 accidents, but none were the car’s fault, Google asserts

There have been 11 accidents in total, all minor, which Google asserts were never the fault of the self-driving car. Seven involved another vehicle rear-ending the Google car, two were sideswipes, and one involved another car traveling through a red light.
In all, Google’s post emphasizes two things: one, its sensors and algorithms are statistically far more attentive and less error-prone than a human driver is; and two, the error-prone behavior of the humans around it are feeding into better algorithms, making the Google car even safer than it already was.
So yes: Google, and other companies who’ve been working on this technology, have demonstrated that the technology exist to prevent these cars from hitting people, other cars, bicyclists, and to generally make sure they’re not doing stupid things on the road.