Google’s mysterious barge is just a very pretty publicity stunt

Google’s much-discussed mystery barge in the San Francisco Bay isn’t as exciting as many people thought. It will end up as a kind of Google marketing vehicle with around 12 gigantic sails, according to a new report.
In other words, the barge is a floating sales floor, a creative way to siphon attention away from Apple, famous for its packed stores and high-profile keynote rollouts.
Citing papers filed with the Port of San Francisco, the San Francisco Chronicle  reports that Google has referred to those 12 sails as "a bit of nautical whimsy" and that the barge’s "artistic structure" includes "innovative architecture…a surprising environment that inspires conversation, community and ‘a-ha’ moments." But the sails will contribute to looks, not movement; the barge will remain stationary and moored to the sea bed at various locations around the Bay Area shore.
The unique look should serve mainly to advance the barge’s function as a publicity tool and showcase for products, experiments, or other tech. Earlier this week, Google had  confirmed that it owns the barge via a shell company. "We’re exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology," the company said.