Google works around Motorola import ban after Microsoft dispute

The International Trade Commission imposed the restriction after ruling that the firm had infringed one of Microsoft’s patents.
The disputed technology allows users to synchronise calendar entries across different devices.
Google said it had taken "proactive measures" but would not share details.
Microsoft was granted a patent for the innovation in 2002 and uses it to power its Activesync software.
It allows a user to arrange a meeting in their mobile phone’s calendar and then have the details sent to other invitees via computer servers.
If they agree to attend, the details of the event are then added to their calendars as well. The feature is popular with business customers.
Motorola previously paid a fee to use Microsoft’s Activesync software between 2003 to 2007, but refused to renew the contract.
Google took over Motorola’s consumer device wing earlier this year