Google quietly brings Siri-style conversations to Google Now

For the first time, Google has designed Google Now so that it asks users for clarification when their queries are too vague. The update, which is a part of the latest version of Google Search for Android, was first spotted by Ars Technica.
To use the most obvious use case, if you tell Google Now to send a text message, the app will reply by asking whom you want to send the message to, and then ask for the content of the message.
This is a big turnaround from the previous process, which required users to get the full query right from the get-go.
In other words, Google Search is getting more contextual and conversational — just like Siri. It’s a subtle shift by itself, but it’s hugely significant to Google’s vision for the future of search —  which is smarter, question-based, and more human.
Right now, the Google Now update is only available for Android, but you can expect it to make it to iOS before long.