Google now offers search information cards on more than 900 diseases

Google is making it possible for users to find out more about health conditions that may be plaguing them or their community. The company announced that it is updating its health feature to provide information on more than 900 conditions as well as making it easy for people to share information with their physician.
A popular activity on Google is to query health information, and perhaps this is why it incorporated this activity into its search engine. Over the next few weeks, the company will provide much more data on health conditions, including symptoms, treatments, prevalence, and more. And to make sure it’s more visible, Google has made some visual adjustments so you’ll easily find the information you’re searching for.
Lastly, as mentioned earlier, a new “download PDF” link will be added for users to take the information to their doctors, this has been a top request by physicians. What users can expect to find when they query on Google are facts about diseases like Legionnaires, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, and Leishmaniasis. It’s limited to U.S. users and English language for now, but Google plans on expanding it to more languages and regions.