Google is pushing a new content-recommendation system for publishers

Next month, Google plans on introducing a new content-recommendation system for publishers’ websites, VentureBeat has learned. The search and advertising giant is pitching content companies on joining a beta of the service, according to an email from a Google sales representative:
Our engineers are working on a content recommendation beta that will present users relevant internal articles on your site after they read a page. This is a great way to drive loyal users and more pageviews.
The new program could present competition to companies like Taboola, Outbrain, and Zemanta, which recommends multiple articles from a given publisher on that outlet’s website. (Disclosure: VentureBeat uses content-recommendation tools from Taboola and Zemanta on our site.)
Unlike other recently released products like the Google Compute Engine and the new ChromeBox for meetings, this service aims at Google’s more traditional business partners: publishers. Google first announced its advertising platform, AdSense, more than a decade ago.