Google dethrones Apple to become most talked about company of 2013

Google had a pretty good year in 2013. The company’s share price exploded to all-time highs, Android now eclipses all other mobile platforms in global market share at more than 80%, and Google’s share of search traffic is still nearly 70% despite increased competition from Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing.
Now, there’s a new feather Google can put in its cap: According to Dow Jones, Google dethroned Apple in 2013 and because the most talked-about company in terms of global media attention.
Forget the iPad Air and iPhone 5s, Google and its products dominated the media in 2013 as Apple’s mentions in the press around the world plummeted compared to last year.
According to data released recently by Dow Jones, Google was mentioned 123,769 times by the global media in 2013 compared to 114,954 times last year and 104,071 times in 2011. Meanwhile, Apple was mentioned 120,451 times this year, down 27% from 165,100 media mentions in 2012. Apple was mentioned by the media 130,511 times in 2011, so this year marks Apple’s lowest count since 2010 when it was mentioned 89,222 times.