Google CEO: We need to stay focused, but my eyes are on the future

Following the drop of a mixed earnings report, Google CEO Larry Page told investors, “Google had a great quarter… amazing for a company that’s yet to celebrate its 15th birthday.”
Word for word, Page’s speech was pretty similar to last quarter’s statement: making big bets, focusing on core products, building for the future, etc.

Speaking about the shift from desktop to mobile computing, he said, “I’m so excited about the velocity of platforms [like] Android … We’ve activated more than 900 million Android devices worldwide, and we’re lighting up 1.5 million devices per day.”
He went on to tout recent advances and improvements in Google Music, Chrome, Maps, Google+, advertising campaigns, and, of course, web search and Knowledge Graph.

“We need to stay focused … on our core products,” he said, contrasting that statement by saying, “My job as CEO is also to think about the future.”
You might have been expecting an update on Google Glass, but Page chose to talk about Project Loon, an attempt to bring balloon-powered Internet access to people in remote and developing areas.

No mention was made of the long-awaited stock split.