Google announces new Knowledge Graph features

Google announced new Knowledge-Graph features Thursday in celebration of its fifteenth birthday.
“We keep expanding features of Knowledge Graph so it can answer more questions — even those that don’t have a simple answer,” said Amit Singhal, SVP, Google Search.
“Let’s say you want to get your daughter excited about a visit to the Met. You can pull up your phone and say to Google: “Tell me about Impressionist artists.” You’ll see who the artists are, and you can dive in to learn more about each of them and explore their most famous works. If you want to switch to Abstract artists, you can do that really easily with the new filter tool.
“Or let’s say you want to compare two things: How much saturated fat is in butter versus olive oil? Now you can simply tell Google: ‘Compare butter with olive oil.’ Our new comparison tool gives you new insights by letting you compose your own answer.”