Google and Motorola are working on a X phone to take on the iPhone

All of a sudden, Google’s expensive Motorola purchase is beginning to make sense. Google and Motorola are reportedly working on an advanced smartphone, currently codenamed the “X Phone,” which will serve as a direct competitor to the iPhone, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Google paid $12.5 billion for Motorola last year, and while it seemed obvious that Moto would serve as a key way for Google to build its very own smartphone, the only benefit from the deal so far has been plenty of new patents.

Sources tell the WSJ that Motorola will also continue to work on its our Droid lineup of Android phones, and that the company will also work on an “X tablet” once the X phone is completed sometime next year.

Google already works directly with device makers for its Nexus lineup of smartphone and tablets, but with X phone it would have direct control over the manufacturing and design process. Of course, this will raise hell for Google with other Android makers, in particular Samsung.

The news doesn’t come as much of a surprise — even Microsoft is reportedly working on a “Surface” phone of its own. In the end, both Google and Microsoft can only go so far when dealing with other phone manufacturers. For them to truly rival the iPhone, they will need to build their own devices.