Give Music Virtuals A Chance!

"Music Virtuals" may be a way to give VR a more mainstream appeal, when it finally does become a quality consumer product.
Have you ever known anyone to spend a little too much time on YouTube watching the same music video over and over?
Why not just listen to the music? 
Well, it seems like they have an attraction to the whole experience, because it has something to offer, perhaps something creative and artistic that they want to see.
VR at the moment still holds a very niche interest, and may continue to do so for a while even after products like the consumer version of the Oculus Rift hits the shelves.
In order to broaden the market reach and appeal to more mainstream interests, perhaps some new ideas could be introduced.
Music and it’s accompanying artistic videos are very mainstream, and the producers are always looking for an edge, to separate themselves out from the crowd, to show something imaginative, exciting, and new. A virtual reality music "video", if done imaginatively, would be a quick way to demonstrate one type VR experience to people who may not be too obsessed with first person gaming.
Im not saying every type of music and style of video would be well suited to experiment with this idea, but I really think some would lend themselves very well to be re-imagined as a virtual reality experience, that could greatly add more dimensions to the artistic expression.
This is Pink Floyd’s music video, "Learning to Fly", and I present this as just one example of a music video which could easily be re-imagined as a stunning VR experience that would add a whole new dimension and novelty to the creativity.

In my mind, this is certainly an opportunity to be explored as a potential way to catch the attention of the creative mainstream.
How about this?  Moonlight Sonata…

No real video as a basis, you would have to exercise your creativity and come up with something a bit new;
I would go for standing in a broken down cathedral overlooking a lake with the full moon reflecting off the water. Immersive atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife.
It probably wouldn’t involve blowing up giant robots (…or would it?)